About Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic is a medical software developed according to the physician's and patient's needs. In order to improve care deliver, this tool includes a patient management module, a practice management software and a user management sections.

The main benefits of Virtual Clinic are:

  • More efficient real-time performance for the data as it can be prepared to the several physician needs and procedures;

  • No more web-based hosts and systems collapses avoiding information and data losses;

  • Control of medical software, since Virtual Clinic is based on an centralized technology;

  • Better planning, implementing, monitoring of changes;

  • Affordability;

  • It is positioned for a change and growth in the future and every change is tailored to your needs.

Virtual Clinic is simple and safe once it is suitable for any internet explorer and has all encryption, authentication and all the sophisticated firewalled networks and device protection that will keep your sensitive business data secure.

Knowing that each office has its own procedures and requirements, DigiUtopikA Lda. develops tailored solutions. For more information please contact us.

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